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Embark on a journey through the blogosphere by discovering the top YouTube channels that every blogger should follow, providing valuable insights and guidance to enhance your blogging expertise.

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YouTube Channels for Blogger 2023 – In the ever-evolving landscape of blogging, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and insights is essential for bloggers aiming to thrive in the digital world.

While traditional learning methods are still valuable, the rise of YouTube as an educational platform has provided bloggers with a dynamic and visual way to learn from experienced professionals.

This article presents a curated list of some of the best YouTube channels that every blogger, from beginners to seasoned veterans, should consider following to sharpen their skills, gain new perspectives, and propel their blogging journey to new heights.

1. Content Creation and Blogging Basics

Channel 1: ProBlogger

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced blogger, understanding the fundamentals of content creation and blogging is crucial.

ProBlogger offers a comprehensive guide to getting started, from choosing the right blog niche to brainstorming content ideas that resonate with your target audience.

Here’s a glimpse of what the channel offers:

Video Title Description
How to Choose the Perfect Niche Tips for selecting a niche that aligns with your expertise and audience’s interests
Crafting Captivating Content Strategies for creating compelling and engaging blog posts
Blogging 101: Getting Started A step-by-step tutorial on setting up your own blog
Writing Killer Headlines Techniques for crafting attention-grabbing headlines that draw readers in
The Art of Storytelling in Blogging Insights into weaving narratives to make your blog posts more relatable

Channel 2: Blogilates

Another excellent resource for foundational blogging knowledge, Blogilates, provides practical insights and actionable tips for bloggers of all levels.

Here are some videos that cover essential blogging basics:

Video Title Description
Beginner’s Guide to Blogging A comprehensive overview of blogging essentials, from idea to publication
Writing Techniques for Bloggers Techniques to enhance your writing style and craft persuasive content
Understanding Your Target Audience Insights into identifying and catering to your audience’s needs
Structuring Blog Posts Effectively Tips for organizing your blog posts for maximum readability
Creating Engaging Introductions How to start your blog posts with impactful introductions

2. SEO and Traffic Generation

Channel 3: Ahrefs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical aspect of successful blogging. Ahrefs is a go-to resource for learning about SEO strategies that can help increase your blog’s visibility in search engines.

Here’s a sampling of their SEO-related videos:

Video Title Description
Mastering Keyword Research How to conduct effective keyword research to optimize your content
On-Page SEO Best Practices Tips for optimizing your blog posts for on-page SEO
Building Quality Backlinks Strategies to earn high-quality backlinks that enhance your blog’s authority
SEO Audit: Step-by-Step Guide A detailed walkthrough of auditing your blog’s SEO performance
Understanding Google Algorithm Updates Insights into how Google’s algorithm changes impact your blog’s ranking

Channel 4: Neil Patel

To complement your SEO efforts, Neil Patel specializes in driving traffic to your blog through various digital marketing methods.

Check out these videos to learn about effective traffic generation techniques:

Video Title Description
Social Media Strategies for Bloggers How to leverage social media platforms to drive traffic and engagement
Email Marketing Essentials A beginner-friendly guide to building an email list and crafting effective campaigns
Community Building for Bloggers Tips for building a loyal and engaged readership through community interaction
SEO vs. Paid Advertising Comparing the benefits of SEO and paid advertising for blog traffic
Leveraging YouTube for Blog Growth How to use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog and expand your audience

3. Monetization and Blog Growth

Channel 5: Income School

As your blog gains traction, you may be interested in monetizing your efforts. Income School provides invaluable insights into various monetization strategies that can turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset.

Here’s a glimpse of their monetization-focused videos:

Video Title Description
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Exploring how to earn through affiliate partnerships
Sponsored Content Done Right Tips for collaborating with brands while maintaining authenticity
Creating and Selling Digital Products A guide to developing and selling e-books, courses, and other digital products
Diversifying Your Income Streams Strategies for generating income beyond ads and affiliate marketing
Understanding Google AdSense Explaining how Google AdSense works and how to maximize earnings

Channel 6: Create and Go

As your blog continues to grow, scaling and maintaining its momentum become paramount. Create and Go specializes in blog growth strategies, helping you make informed decisions to take your blog to the next level.

Here are a few videos to consider:

Video Title Description
Scaling Your Blog for Success Strategies for expanding your blog’s reach without sacrificing quality
Blog Analytics and Data Insights How to interpret and leverage data to make informed content decisions
Building a Team for Your Blog Tips for delegating tasks and managing contributors to streamline growth
Harnessing the Power of Pinterest Using Pinterest to drive significant traffic to your blog
Creating a Content Calendar Organizing and planning your blog content for consistent growth

4. Design and Branding

Channel 7: Charli Marie TV

A well-designed blog with a strong brand identity can set you apart in the crowded blogosphere.

Charli Marie TV focuses on design and branding strategies to help you create a visually appealing and cohesive online presence.

Consider these design-related videos:

Video Title Description
Designing a User-Friendly Website Principles for creating a website that offers seamless navigation and a pleasing user experience
Crafting a Consistent Brand Identity Tips for establishing and maintaining a cohesive brand across your blog and social media
Visual Content Creation Tips Techniques for creating eye-catching visuals that enhance your blog’s visual appeal
Color Psychology in Blog Design Exploring the psychological impact of colors and how to use them effectively
Typography for Bloggers Choosing and using fonts that align with your brand and enhance readability

Channel 8: Canva

For bloggers looking for practical design tips and tools tailored to their needs, Canva offers tutorials and insights to enhance your blog’s design without the need for extensive technical skills.

Take a look at these design-focused videos:

Video Title Description
DIY Graphic Design for Bloggers A step-by-step guide to creating graphics for your blog using user-friendly tools
Enhancing User Experience with Design How design elements can improve user engagement and overall experience
Exploring Blog Themes and Templates Tips for selecting and customizing blog themes to match your brand
Creating Infographics with Canva Designing compelling infographics to enhance your blog’s visual content
Design Principles for Non-Designers Simplifying design principles for bloggers with little design experience

5. Case Studies and Success Stories

Channel 9: Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Learning from real-life case studies and success stories can provide valuable insights into the strategies and tactics that have worked for other bloggers.

Pat Flynn’s channel features interviews and analyses of successful bloggers’ journeys, offering inspiration and actionable takeaways.

Video Title Description
Journey of a Six-Figure Blogger A detailed interview with a successful blogger, discussing their path to six-figure income
Behind the Scenes of a Viral Post Analyzing the factors that contributed to a blog post’s viral success
Lessons from Top Blogging Influencers Insights from prominent bloggers about their experiences and lessons learned
Scaling a Blog: Case Study of Success Examining how a blogger scaled their blog from zero to success

6. Tools and Resources for Bloggers

Channel 10: WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

Equipping yourself with the right tools and resources can significantly enhance your blogging journey.

WPBeginner specializes in tutorials and recommendations related to WordPress, the popular blogging platform.

Here’s what you can expect:

Video Title Description
Must-Have WordPress Plugins A rundown of essential plugins to enhance your WordPress-powered blog
Time-Saving Content Creation Tools Tools that can help streamline your content creation process
Analytics and Tracking Tools Exploring tools to track and analyze your blog’s performance
WordPress Security Essentials Tips for securing your WordPress blog against common vulnerabilities
Essential Blogging Tools and Resources Curated list of tools for various aspects of blogging

7. Blogger Interviews and Panel Discussions

Channel 11: The Blog Millionaire Podcast

Listening to experienced bloggers and industry experts share their insights, challenges, and successes can provide valuable perspectives and advice for bloggers at all levels.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast hosts interviews and panel discussions that shed light on the intricacies of the blogging world.

Video Title Description
Roundtable Discussion: Trends in Blogging Influencers discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in blogging
Lessons from a Full-Time Blogger Insights from a blogger who transitioned from part-time to full-time blogging
Expert Tips for Niche Bloggers Niche-specific advice from experts who have mastered their respective niches
Blogging During Challenging Times How successful bloggers navigated challenges and continued to thrive


In the rapidly evolving world of blogging, continuous learning and adaptation are essential for success.

YouTube channels provide an accessible and visual platform to learn from experienced bloggers, industry leaders, and subject matter experts.

By following these carefully curated YouTube channels, bloggers can access a wealth of knowledge, hone their skills, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Remember, the key to successful blogging lies in not only creating great content but also continually improving your craft through learning and innovation.

YouTube Channels for Blogger FAQs

What are YouTube channels for bloggers, and how can they benefit bloggers?

YouTube channels for bloggers are video content creators who focus on providing valuable information, tips, and tutorials related to blogging. These channels benefit bloggers by offering insights into various aspects of blogging, including content creation, SEO, monetization, and audience engagement.

Can you recommend some popular YouTube channels for bloggers to follow?

Sure, some popular YouTube channels for bloggers include Neil Patel, Blogging Basics, Income School, WPBeginner, and Authority Hacker. These channels cover a wide range of blogging topics and provide actionable advice for bloggers of all levels.

What kind of content can I expect to find on YouTube channels for bloggers?

YouTube channels for bloggers offer diverse content, including tutorials on setting up a blog, improving writing skills, optimizing SEO, growing blog traffic, and monetizing blogs through affiliate marketing and ads. They also share insights into blogging tools and platforms.

Are YouTube channels for bloggers suitable for beginners, or are they more advanced?

Many YouTube channels for bloggers cater to a broad audience, including beginners and experienced bloggers. They often provide content tailored to different skill levels, making them valuable resources for bloggers at any stage of their journey.

How can watching YouTube channels for bloggers improve my blogging skills?

Watching YouTube channels for bloggers can improve your skills by providing practical tips, real-life examples, and step-by-step tutorials. You can learn from experienced bloggers and apply their insights to enhance your content, increase blog traffic, and grow your online presence.

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