Amazon Customer Service Contact Details: Phone Number, Email, and More




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Discover the essential Amazon customer service contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and more, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

“What is the customer care phone number of amazon ?
What is the customer care email address of amazon ?
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amazon customer service

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Amazon Customer Service – Good customer service is crucial for online retailers, and Amazon, as one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, understands the importance of offering efficient customer support.

In this article, we’ll explore the various ways you can get in touch with Amazon’s customer service, whether you need assistance with an order, have a question, or need technical support for Amazon devices.

1. Amazon India Office Contact Details

Amazon Head Office – Address Brigade Gateway, 8th floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram(W), Bangalore-560055, Karnataka, India.
Amazon Head Office – Contact +91-80-33273000
Amazon Office, Hyderabad 040-40005111
Amazon Office, Chennai 044-30883088
Amazon Office, Bangalore +91-80-33273000

2. Amazon India Customer Service Phone Number

  • Amazon’s dedicated customer service phone number is a direct way to get assistance.
  • Steps to reach Amazon’s customer service via phone call.
  • Situations where calling Amazon is recommended, such as urgent issues or complex queries.
Amazon Customer Care Number / Helpline Number 022-30430101 / 1866-216-1072
Amazon Customer Care Number (Toll Free Number) 1800-3000-9009 / 0800496 2449
Amazon Customer Care Number (Business Services) 1800-419-7355

3. Amazon India Customer Service Email Address

  • Email is a convenient way to communicate with Amazon’s customer service.
  • Tips for composing effective email inquiries, including providing relevant details.
  • Expected response times and how to check your email for a response.
Amazon Customer Care Service – Email Support [email protected]

4. Amazon India Customer Service Live Chat

  • Amazon offers live chat support for real-time assistance.
  • How to access live chat support on Amazon’s website or app.
  • Benefits of using live chat for resolving issues quickly.
Amazon Customer Care Service – Live Chat Support

5. Amazon India Social Contact

  • Amazon’s presence on social media platforms for customer support.
  • How to reach out to Amazon on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Response times and effectiveness of social media support.
Amazon Facebook Page
Amazon Instagram Page
Amazon Twitter Page
Amazon YouTube Page
Amazon Snapchat
Amazon App

6. Amazon India App Support

  • Utilizing the Amazon app for customer support.
  • Steps to access app-specific support features.
  • Benefits of using the app for assistance.
Amazon App Amazon App Download

7. Amazon Help Center and Self-Service

  • Amazon’s Help Center is a comprehensive resource for finding answers.
  • How to search for common questions and troubleshoot issues using self-service tools.
  • Accessing frequently asked questions, guides, and tutorials.
Amazon Help Center Amazon Contact us

8. Tips for Effective Communication with Amazon Customer Service

  1. Provide Clear Information
    • The importance of including accurate order numbers, product names, and issue descriptions.
    • How clear information helps customer service agents assist you better.
  2. Be Polite and Respectful
    • Maintaining a professional and courteous tone in your communication.
    • The impact of positive communication on the quality of assistance you receive.
  3. Ask for Reference Numbers
    • Requesting case or reference numbers to track your inquiries.
    • Keeping track of your interactions with Amazon’s customer service.
  4. Be Patient
    • Understanding that certain issues might take time to resolve.
    • Tips for managing expectations and staying patient during the resolution process.

9. Common Amazon Customer Service Queries and Issues

  1. Order Status and Tracking
    • How to check the status of your orders and track shipments.
    • Resolving issues related to delayed deliveries or missing items.
  2. Returns and Refunds
    • Initiating returns, exchanges, and refunds for products.
    • Following Amazon’s return policies and guidelines.
  3. Account Issues
    • Troubleshooting account-related problems, including login issues and unauthorized access.
    • Steps to reset passwords and secure your Amazon account.
  4. Technical Support for Amazon Devices
    • Getting technical assistance for Amazon devices like Kindle, Echo, and Fire TV.
    • Troubleshooting common device issues and accessing device-specific help.


Navigating Amazon’s customer service options is essential for a seamless shopping experience.

Whether you have questions about an order, need assistance with account issues, or require technical support for Amazon devices, Amazon’s customer service channels offer a variety of ways to get the help you need.

Remember to communicate clearly, be patient, and utilize the provided resources to ensure a positive customer service experience.

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Next time you encounter a question or issue while using Amazon, don’t hesitate to reach out to their customer service.

Use the information provided in this article to choose the most suitable communication channel for your needs and receive the assistance you deserve.

Amazon Customer Service FAQs

How can I contact Amazon customer service?

You can contact Amazon customer service through various channels.

The most common methods include using the 'Contact Us' page on the Amazon website, calling their customer service phone number, or using the live chat feature if it's available.

What services can Amazon customer service assist me with?

Amazon customer service can assist with a range of issues, including order tracking, returns and refunds, account and payment inquiries, product information, and troubleshooting technical problems related to Amazon services.

Is Amazon customer service available 24/7?

Amazon customer service availability may vary depending on the type of support you need and your location.

Some methods, like email or self-service options, are available around the clock. Phone support and live chat may have specific hours of operation.

How do I escalate an issue if I'm not satisfied with the initial response from Amazon customer service?

If you're not satisfied with the initial response, you can ask to speak with a supervisor or higher-level representative.

You can also try reaching out through different communication channels or using social media platforms like Twitter for quicker responses.

Can Amazon customer service help with third-party seller issues?

Yes, Amazon customer service can assist with issues related to third-party sellers on the Amazon platform.

If you encounter problems with an order from a third-party seller, Amazon's customer service can help mediate and resolve the issue.

Amazon's customer service is designed to provide assistance and resolve various inquiries or problems related to your Amazon shopping experience.

Whether it's about orders, payments, account issues, or general inquiries, reaching out to Amazon's support team can help ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience.

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