Can I Use AdSense & Other Network Ads on Same Web Page?




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Yes, you can use AdSense and other network ads on the same web page, but it’s essential to adhere to policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and optimize your ad revenue.

“Can I use adsense & ads on same page of website ?
Can I Use adsense & infolink Ads on same page of website ?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind.
Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

adsense other network ads same web page

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Use AdSense & Other Network Ads on Same Web Page – Google AdSense is considered to be one of the best source of earning for bloggers at this time but many bloggers with large number of visitors on their blog wants to double their earning by using Other Ad Network.

So, many bloggers wants to implement both Google AdSense ads as well as Other Network ads on their blog or website but they are confused about it. The most common question in their mind is

“Can I use AdSense and Other Network ads on the same page of my website.
Will it be a violation of AdSense program policies ?
Will it be a violation of Other Network program policies ?”

This is a most common question among new bloggers who just started blogging and they just get Google AdSense account approved for their new website.

They also have approved, Chitika, Infolink account for their website.

1. Can I Use AdSense Ads along with Other Network Ads on Same Web Page ?

The Answer is “Yes” you can place AdSense ads and Other Network ads on the same web page and this does not violate neither AdSense program policies nor Other Network program policies.

Here we are providing a screenshot from the official Adsense help page, which clearly says that : “We do allow affiliate or limited-text links”.


Google have some guidelines for how non-Google ads may be displayed along with Google ads.

Here we are providing a list of Ad implementation policies which one must check before placing AdSense ads and Affiliate ads on the same web page.

Avoiding accidental clicks

  • Encouraging accidental clicks
  • Unnatural attention to ads
  • Placing ads under a misleading heading
  • Site layout that pushes content below the fold
  • Aligning images with ads
  • Formatting content to mimic ads
  • Offering compensation
  • Distance between ads and flash games

Ensuring proper ad placement

  • Valuable inventory
  • Auto-refreshing ads
  • Ads on thank you, exit, log in, or error pages
  • Ads on dynamic content
  • Ads in emails
  • Ads in a software application
  • Ads in a new window
  • Ads in pop-up and pop-under windows
  • Ads on a site with pop-ups or pop-unders
  • Ads on pages behind a login
  • Ads on the same page or site as another publisher
  • Ads on a hosted site (e.g., Blogger)
  • Displaying a third party site on your page

More Details: Ad Implementation Policies

2. AdSense Help Forum: Google Ads on the same page with Other Network Ads

“You’re welcome to display Google ads on the same site or page as other third party advertisements provided that the formatting or colors of the third party ads is different enough from that of the Google ads.

In other words, if you choose to place non-Google ads on the same site or page as Google ads, it should always be clear to the user that the ads are served by different advertising networks and that the non-Google ads have no association with Google.

If the formats are naturally similar, we ask that you choose different color schemes for the competing ads.

Our intent with this policy is to be as fair to our advertisers as possible and to maintain the integrity of the AdWords and AdSense programs.

You can learn more about this, and all our policies, on our program policies page. Please also be aware that competitor ads are considered to be part of your site’s content and must follow our policy guidelines.”

3. Suggestion

 You can earn from AdSense programs as well as Other Network programs using your website but you need to keep in mind that you do not violate AdSense content guidelines and provide a clean experience to your readers.

For example if you are using an Ad Network “X” which is showing Adult content on your website then it is a clear violation of AdSense program policies because there is a type of content available on your website which is not allowed by AdSense.

So before adding any Ad networks Ad on your website you must check their compatibility with AdSense program policies.


Yes, you can use both AdSense ads and Other Network ads on the same page of your blog or website unless you do not violate AdSense as well as Other Network program  policies.

AdSense & Other Network Ads FAQs

Can I use other ad networks along with Google AdSense on my website?

Yes, you can use other ad networks alongside Google AdSense. This practice is known as ad stacking or ad mediation.

However, you should ensure that the other ad networks comply with AdSense policies and don't negatively impact user experience.

How can I effectively manage multiple ad networks on my website?

To manage multiple ad networks, consider using an ad management platform or plugin that allows you to control and optimize ad placements.

Experiment with different ad layouts, sizes, and networks to find the combination that maximizes revenue without overwhelming your site.

Are there any specific guidelines for ad placement when using multiple networks?

When using multiple ad networks, prioritize a clean and user-friendly design. Avoid placing too many ads that might clutter your pages.

Experiment with different placements and monitor user engagement to determine the best setup.

Will using other ad networks affect my AdSense earnings or account status?

Using other ad networks should not directly impact your AdSense earnings, but it's important to maintain a positive user experience.

AdSense has policies regarding the number and placement of ads on your site. Non-compliance could affect your AdSense account.

How do I optimize my earnings while using both AdSense and other ad networks?

Experiment with ad formats, placements, and networks to find the optimal combination for your website and audience.

Monitor performance metrics like click-through rates (CTR) and earnings. Adjust your strategy based on data and user feedback.

Balancing AdSense and other ad networks requires careful consideration of user experience and revenue optimization. Prioritize your audience's experience while adhering to platform policies.

Testing and refining your approach can help you find the right balance and maximize your overall ad revenue.

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